Here’s Why your Nintendo Switch Keeps Turning Off

So, your Nintendo Switch keeps turning off on its own? There is no need to panic.

Your Nintendo Switch will turn off automatically when there is no activity for a prolonged time or due to overheating. It could also be due to bugs in its software or, in rare cases, a hardware issue.

It’s a common issue and is typically caused by the Switch console entering sleep mode due to inactivity or overheating.

If the issue happens when you connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV, then its likely due to a bad HDMI cable. Also, try changing your TV resolution to see if it fixes the problem.]

Sleep Mode

Almost all gadgets that rely on the battery have a feature called Sleep Mode, which automatically puts the device in sleep mode when it senses no activity for a certain time.

So, if you have not performed any action on your Nintendo Switch console for a certain time (depending on your setting), your Switch will go into sleep mode.

Do not confuse sleep mode with switched-off mode.

In Sleep Mode, the console screen turns off. All the opened games and their progress is saved to RAM as it goes to a lower power state, while in the switched-off mode, your device is completely turned off.

To wake up your Nintendo Switch from sleep mode, press the Home button on the controller.

If you do not like your Nintendo Switch going automatically to sleep mode, you can also disable it. Here’s how:

  1. Open System Settings from the Home menu.
  2. Scroll down and select Sleep Mode.
  3. Next, click on Auto-Sleep and select Never in the options.

Now your Switch console won’t automatically go to sleep mode but expect a decrease in battery timing.


If you have been playing a heavy graphics game on your Switch console for an extended period or gaming outdoors, your console may overheat.

When this happens, your console will automatically go into sleep mode, irrespective of the settings.

Besides turning off, you may also experience other issues like lines on screen on Nintendo Switch when it overheats.

Here are some of the tips that I’d recommend to prevent your Nintendo Switch from overheating:

  • Avoid playing outdoors where there is direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Give your Switch some minutes break if you feel it is getting warmer.
  • Clean your Switch console from dust at least once a month.

Software Glitches or Bugs

Outdated software can cause random bugs and glitches which prevent the Switch console from operating normally. Therefore I always recommend installing essential software updates to get rid of bugs.

If you haven’t updated your Nintendo Switch for a quite long time, there is a possibility that this random turning off issue is due to software.

Here’s how to update your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Open System Settings.
  2. Select System Update in the right sidebar.
  1. If any new update is available, you will be notified.

Contact Nintendo Support

Finally, if you have tried all the above tips but your Nintendo Switch is still turning off automatically, then you must consider the possibility of hardware malfunction.

In that case, if your Nintendo Switch is under warranty, the best course of action is to claim its warranty.

To check your Nintendo Switch warranty status, visit the Nintendo warranty status page and enter your Switch console’s serial number.

Got any questions? Please feel free to reach out to me.

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