About Me


It’s Muhammad Qasim, the founder of All Tech How.

Muhammad Qasim

I’m an Electrical Engineer by education (actually a good one), graduated in 2014.

Yes that is me, receiving award from the President of Pakistan for completing the Green Presidency project.

Why I Started All Tech How?

I remember the first computer my father bought for me in 2001 or 2002. It was a Pentium 1 with only 16 MB of RAM, but it was good enough to play Prince of Persia 1 & 2. That’s where my interest in computers began.

I became the go-to person among friends & family for tech troubleshooting, particularly computers. I am thankful to all of them because I gained a lot valuable experience and knowledge through this.

During my third year of university in 2013, I purchased my first laptop – an HP Probook 4520.

I created All Tech How to share my expertise through easy-to-understand how-to guides and tutorials for various computer and other tech issues.

Muhammad Qasim

P.S: If you get stuck at any point, please feel free to reach out to me.

You can also contact me on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.