How to Fix a Linksys Wi-Fi Range Extender That’s Blinking Orange

When your Linksys Wi-Fi Range Extender blinks orange or amber, it means that the extender is unable to establish a connection to your router.

The quick fix is to reboot your Linksys extender. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Unplug your extender from its power source and wait for 1 minute.
  2. After 1 minute, plug it back in and turn it On.

If your Linksys WiFi extender continues to blink orange after rebooting, move it close to the router, update its firmware. If none of these work, factory reset is your last option.

Move your Extender Close to the Router

If your extender is too far from your router, it might not receive wireless signals. As a result, it isn’t connected to the internet and flashes orange light.

To fix this, move your extender close to the router or vice versa and check if the problem persists.

Update Firmware

If restarting your extender and moving it close to the router didn’t help, updating your extender’s firmware will help you rectify this problem, especially if you haven’t updated it for quite a long time.

Here’s how you update your Linksys Extender firmware:

  1. Connect your laptop to the Wi-Fi extender you can want to troubleshoot.
  2. Open a web browser and visit You will be asked to enter login details.

The default username/password of most Linksys Wi-Fi extenders is admin.

  1. Once logged in, click the Administration option in the left side panel and select Firmware Upgrade. See the screenshot below:

Now your extender will try to check for any updates. If there are any updates available, install them.

If outdated firmware was the culprit behind this issue, your Extender should start working after the update is installed.

Factory Reset

If none of the above methods helps, and your Linksys extender is still blinking orange, restore it to factory settings and set it up again.

Almost all Linksys range extenders have a dedicated reset button, usually located on one of its sides. You need to press and hold the reset button for 8 seconds.

Alternatively, you can also reset it using the web setup page.

To do that, visit on your laptop while connected to the extender. Then, under Administration -> Factory Defaults, click on the Restore Factory Defaults option.

Once done, you will need to re-configure your Linksys extender again.

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