How to Change Logitech MX Keys S Backlight Settings

By default, the Logitech MX Keys S keyboard backlit turns off automatically after 5 seconds of inactivity. To turn on the light again, you have to press any key on the keyboard.

Although this feature is designed to prolong the keyboard’s battery life, it may not be useful for all users.

Good news is Logi Options+ now allow users to adjust MX Keys S keyboard backlight time duration from the default 5 seconds to up to 30 minutes.

To do that, update the keyboard firmware and then use Logi Options+ to change the backlit settings.

Don’t worry, I have explained each of these steps in details with screenshots below!

Confirm if you’ve Logitech MX Key or MX Keys S Keyboard!

Logitech MX Key and Logitech MX Keys S are two different keyboards, even though they have identical names and designs.

Unfortunately, currently, it’s not possible to adjust the backlight timeout settings for the MX Keys keyboard using Logi Options.

The only options available for MX Keys keyboard in Logi Options+ software are to either turn the backlighting On or Off.

However, good news is that there is a workaround to increase the backlight duration of Logitech MX Keys from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

Here’s how to do that:

Touch the keyboard frame (below the space key) when you stop typing. This will keep the backlight on for 30 seconds.

If the backlight is off, this will immediately turn it on without requiring you to press any buttons on the keyboard.

Step 1: Update your MX Keys Keyboard Firmware

The first steps is to update your Logitech MX Keys S keyboard firmware to make it compatible with Logi Options+.

Here’s how to update your keyboard firmware:

  1. Download Logitech Firmware Update tool.
  1. Launch the tool.
  2. Click on Continue on the welcome screen.

The tool will automatically detect your Logitech MX Keys S keyboard and update its firmware.

  1. Once the firmware update is completed, click on Close button.

Step 2: Download and Install Logi Options+

When your MX Keys firmware is updated, it’s time to install Logi Options+.

Note that if you already have Logitech Options (previous version) installed on your computer, uninstall it before you proceed to install Logi Options+.

Download and install the Logi Options+ on your computer.

When installed, open it, and connect your MX Keys S keyboard to your computer.

Step 3: Change Backlight Settings

On the Logi Options+ home screen, you will see list of all your connected Logitech devices.

Click on your MX keyboard and then select Backlighting option. Next, click on the Backlighting tooltip to access its settings. Refer to the screenshot below:

Make sure that the toggle switch for Backlighting is set to On position. Now, you can adjust the duration of the backlight by moving the Backlighting Duration slider.

Also, turn off the Battery saving mode. Refer to the screenshot below:

If you want the backlight on your MX Keys S keyboard to always remain On, move the slider to the maximum position, which is 30 minutes.

If you have any questions related to this guide, feel free to ask me.

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12 thoughts on “How to Change Logitech MX Keys S Backlight Settings”

  1. Sadly not available for the MX Mechanical Mini, which I sent back because you have no control over 5-second timeout. Epic fail Logitech.

  2. Is this only a feature for the S model?

    • Yes, unfortunately, Logi Options+ only supports changing the backlight settings for the MX Keys S keyboard at the moment.

  3. for me, there is no “backlighting” option available. I cannot change this setting. I downloaded the logi settings + app… maybe a different version? I have mx keys mini.

    • Hi thom, yes, unfortunately, as of now, you can only adjust the backlight timeout settings for MX Keys S keyboard in Logi Options+.

      However, you can increase your MX Keys Mini backlight duration from 5 seconds to 30 seconds by touching the keyboard frame (below the space key) when you stop typing.

      • My MX S backlight, when set to 30 minutes, only stays on (when untouched) for at most 5 minutes. How do I get it to stay on for 30?

        • Hi Coach, you need to disable the Battery saving mode in backlight settings as well.

  4. Hi, my job will not allow me to download the Logi Options + software. Is there a way to turn on the backlighting on the MX KEYS S Keyboard without downloading the software?

    • Hi Brianna,

      Unfortunately, No. You can only change the backlight settings on your MX Key S using Logi Options+.

  5. what a crying shame that Logitech have not implemented this for the MX mini and that options are so limited. I have my keyboard plugged in most of the time and need the backlight on all the time in a dark studio. Ironically it seems to actually stay on longer and pick up hand movement better in the light. Most of the time when in darkness you have to actually press a key in the dark before it will illuminate

  6. Your settings tips worked perfectly. Now I am hoping you can tell me, after I have a steady backlighting for 30 mins., how I toggle from on to off to on, etc., without manipulating the ON/OFF setting in the Logi Options+ software settings.

    Thank you so much for your great tip!!

    • Hi Steve, just toggle the switch next to Backlighting. It’s above the backlighting duration slider.


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